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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry


As Principal of St Joseph's, I, on behalf of our entire school community, extend a warm céad míle fáilte to our visitors.

St Joseph's College is a Catholic School which has been serving the community of Coalisland and surrounding areas for over 50 years. As a Catholic school we place great emphasis on the Christian values of truth, integrity, compassion, kindness, leadership and faith development. We are a community school and recognise the role we have in making Coalisland and the surrounding area as successful and productive as possible: a place where everyone is given a chance to contribute and show compassion for others.

At St Joseph's we are committed to developing the whole child. We will endeavour to inspire and nurture our pupils as they develop through their formative years with us. We will share our common Christian values and our College aims through their experience in our school so that they become fulfilled members of their families, community and society in general.

At St Joseph's we have an atmosphere of forward thinking and innovation and we are constantly developing suitable pathways for all our pupils: academic and vocational. No two students are the same; not everyone is academic and while we can challenge students who are high achievers and aspire to study degree courses, we are also committed to investigating qualifications and courses within the life skills and vocational arena which will lead to positive apprenticeships or employment in the world of work.


Mission statement

St Joseph's College is a Catholic community committed to providing high quality education in an atmosphere of respect and care for each individual member of our community. We value the personal, moral, social and spiritual development of each student entrusted to our care, encouraging the development of the core values of truth, kindness, integrity and compassion through respect for self and others.

We wish to take our College community forward by focusing on Five Pillars that will allow us grow and develop outstanding individuals and contributors to our local and wider community:

  • Nurturing our shared Catholic faith
  • Facilitating learning and teaching in an aspirational environment
  • Promoting partnerships both in the College and with the wider community
  • Creating a caring College community
  • Inspiring leadership


We will continue to provide an equality of opportunity for every pupil with a broad and balanced curriculum suited to the interests, needs and ability of all our pupils.

We aim to develop skills and capabilities to help all our pupils grow into healthy, mature and successful young adults capable of making informed and responsible choices, with the potential to make a valuable contribution to their families, their community, the world of work and society.


  • Nurturing faith, Christian spirituality and Gospel-based values

St Joseph’s, in partnership with the home and the parish, is dedicated to providing and developing a Catholic education that cultivates a living faith, fosters Christian spirituality, and educates our young people in Gospel-based values.

  • Facilitating learning and teaching in an aspirational environment

At St Joseph’s we have high expectations of our students. We seek to create an orderly, safe and positive learning environment which enables the holistic development of every pupil. We continually review, evaluate and assess our progress and engage with best educational practice as a means of school improvement. We challenge our students and support them in achieving their true potential as mature young adults who will use their skills and talents to work for justice in the wider world.

  • Promoting partnership within the College and the wider community

We seek to promote inclusiveness, mutual respect and the development of the school as a community where personal growth is facilitated. We strive to develop meaningful and engaging relationships within the school, in our local community and in our global outreach endeavours.

  • Creating a caring College community

Our school is a community which recognises the uniqueness of every member. We seek to build relationships and foster the sense of care, compassion and community that characterised Jesus’ life. Our broad and balanced curriculum, Pastoral Care programmes and extensive range of extra-curricular activities encourages school involvement and the development of the person. We strive to live by Christian values and encourage others to stand in solidarity with those who are powerless, vulnerable and marginalised.

  • Inspiring leadership

We believe that partnership between school and home is essential and encourage the active participation of parent/guardians. We encourage leadership and responsibility amongst our students and encourage them to play an active part in the prefect system and student council. Our hope is that the pupils we engage with today will play a leading role in, and make a worthwhile contribution to, the society of tomorrow.