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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry


Education for Employability 

The aim of our Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) at Joseph’s is to give students opportunities to develop their personal qualities, skills, knowledge and understanding of a rapidly changing workplace.  It is to help them manage their career development and make relevant informed choices to ensure successful transition into education, training or employment and become lifelong learners.

Students from Year 8-12 are taught Employability as a discrete subject. The overall objective of an effective CEIAG provision is to enable students to become effective careers decision makers, empowered to manage their own career development successfully, confidently and with due respect and care for their own needs, those of others and of their wider communities.

Education for Employability in Years 8-10

At Key Stage 3 students:

  • Experience dedicated Careers Education classes
  • Examine their own skills and qualities
  • Consider local and global employment opportunities
  • Learn about the changing world of work
  • Investigate aspects of enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Participate in a number of events which empower them to make informed and positive career choices
  • Year 10 students are supported in their options through a Career Fair so that they can make informed subject choices. This is supported by the Careers adviser from the Careers Service NI.


Education for Employability in Years 11-12

At Key Stage 4 students:

  • Experience dedicated Careers Education classes
  • Year 11 - all pupils undergo preparation for work experience
  • Year 12 - A Careers adviser from the Careers Service NI come in to give impartial careers guidance
  • Avail of opportunities to visit to industries
  • Participate in mock interviews which is supported by local business partners and working professionals