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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry


All pupils are taught Music at Key Stage 3 level. Music is an important part of the curriculum and aids the development of pupils in many ways. 

St Joseph's College Music Department develops pupils as individuals by:

  • giving pupils opportunities to create personal meaning through composing, performing and listening activities;

  • enabling pupils to express their own feelings through music;

  • building an appreciation of the diverse musical tastes of others;

  • encouraging pupils to explore and experiment creatively in a variety of situations.

    There are many opportunities at St Joseph's College for pupils to get involved in Music as an extra curricular activity. 

    After School Music takes place every week giving pupils a chance to play their preferred style of Music. 

    Traditional Group practice weekly and perform at school masses and other public events. 

    The School Choir perform regularly at masses, assemblies and other events. 

    Strings tuition (Fiddle/Violin) takes place each week with our tutor from the Education board.