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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

Modern Languages


The study of Irish and French broadens pupils’ horizons enabling them to develop an awareness, understanding and appreciation of the Culture and Community of the Target Language and their own Cultural Heritage.

Learning a Modern Language provides an insight and appreciation of Cultural diversity and helps engender an acceptance of Cultural differences.

It is the objective of the Language Department to make pupils’ Language Learning an interesting and enjoyable experience. We aim to provide pupils with an interesting and visually attractive learning environment where their contributions are encouraged and valued.


Learning a language is a multi skilled procedure involving Oral, Reading, Writing and Listening skills.


  • Myself and others

Days, months, Numbers, Greetings, Colours, Pets, Family members, Nationality

  • School life

Classroom objects, Instructions, Prepositions, Subjects, likes and dislikes

  • Home Life

Rooms of house, adjectives, Time (12 hour clock) Daily Routine, Breakfast

  • Hobbies and Interests

Sports and leisure activities, likes,dislikes and preferences, musical instruments, places to go, at the weekend.


  • Myself and others

Family, Oldest / youngest, Descriptions, adjectives

  • School life

Revision of subjects, school day, transport to school

  • Home life

Daily routine, verbs, 24 hour clock

  • Weather

Weather, seasons, points of compass

  • Getting around

Shops and places in town, directions, prepostions


  • Myself and others

Revision of myself and family, extension on adjectives

  • Helping at home

Rooms of house, household chores

  • Health

Parts of body, feelings and emotions, illness

  • Shopping

Clothes, sizes, shops, signs, role play, ICT Accreditation.

  • Eating out

Food and drink, courses, Role play in Restaurant.

  • Accommodation /at the hotel

Types of rooms/ accommodation, basic hotel facilities, tourist information.



At GCSE Level we study CCEA Scheme of Work in both Foundation and Higher level areas.

Exam structure:   60% Controlled Assessment   2 x Writing Tasks

                                                                                    2 X Speaking Tasks

                               These will be completed throughout Year 11 and 12


                                40% Exam              Reading exam

                                                                 Listening exam

For more information on CCEA GCSE



  • European Day
  • Irish and French Breakfast morning
  • Seachtain na Gaeilge
  • GCSE Tuition
  • Gaeltacht Visits
  • Gael Linn Tráth na gCeist