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The study of history is about more than simply memorising dates and the deeds of famous figures. History examines the real-life dramas, the villains and heroes, the mighty and the meek. It examines the circumstances that moved its players to transform people and places (for better and for worse), and it holds the answers to how and why our lives are fashioned the way they are today - from our language, fashion and technology to our sports, political systems and religious practices. Our aims in the History Department in St Joseph’s include assisting pupils in developing skills of critical thinking, giving pupils a sense of identity and understanding of the present through their knowledge of the past and fostering a sense of pride of the locality by the study of our own area.

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 History in the College pupils study a wide range of local, national and global topic areas.

A sample of these include-

Year 8

What is History?
The Norman Invasion
How did the Normans control their Society?
Why did the Normans come to Ireland?
Did the Normans leave us anything worth keeping?
Year 9

What makes events significant?
The Reformation
The Renaissance
The Impact of the Spanish Armada in Ireland
The Plantation of Ulster
Year 10

The Twentieth Century An Age of What?
What impact did war have on the twentieth century?
Did Life get better or worse for ordinary people in the twentieth century?
Who and what made a difference in the twentieth century?
How and why do we remember the Holocaust?
Why was Ireland partitioned?
The Consequences of the Partition of Ireland.

Key Stage 4

At GCSE in St Joseph’s College we study History with CCEA. This is a GCSE in which all pupils are able to achieve A*-G.

The History Department offer GCSE tuition after school for Year 11 and  Year 12 to allow pupils to get more individual help and assist pupils in reaching their full potential.