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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

Art & Design



It is our aim in the Art & Design Department to provide all students with meaningful learning opportunities that will enable them to develop their creative, imaginative and intellectual abilities. 

Every student studying Art will have access to a wide variety of artistic forms;

drawing, painting, print making, photography, Graphic Design, fashion, sculpture and ceramics.


The aims of the Dept at KS3 relate to the requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

The department aims to provide students with skills in developing personal projects, in the craft of making and designing, by working collaboratively as well as independently.


The Department currently has one full time and one part time specialist trained teachers.

-Mrs N Sherry (Head of Department) Fine art, drawing, painting, textiles, ceramics

-Mrs L Kerr

Teachers in the Art Department:

  • Set high standards of performance in pupils
  • Work as a team, providing support and encouragement
  • Ensure teaching and learning standards are constantly reviewed 
  •  keep up to date with current developments / initiatives in the teaching of Art and Design and implement these where necessary and appropriate 

 KS3 Art & Design Programme of Study

Art and Design is part of the statutory curriculum for every pupil at Key Stage three and it is an option for further study at Key Stage four.

Teachers in the Dept understand and recognise the importance of delivering stimulating Learning experiences and as a result we offer a wide range in our Programme of study.



  • Colour Theory and the Visual Elements 
  • Sea Life 
  • Self Portraits
  • Art of different Cultures



  • Painting Techniques
  • Nature
  • Fine Art Painting
  • 3D Shoe Design
  • Logos
  • Movement



  • Insects
  • Celtic Art
  • Reflection
  • Graphic Design
  • 2D /Textiles/Batik


There are 3 main projects covered each year;

-A 2D activity (Painting,mixed media, ICT, Graphic Design)

-A 3D activity  (Ceramics,papier mache,cardboard/wire construction

-An additional activity (Textiles,batik,printmaking or embroidery)


The programme of work is supported by internal and external competitions and display of pupils work on a regular basis. Students work is exhibited at every opportunity including parent teacher meetings, Year 8 “Graduation” and year 12/13 prize giving night.


This allows the student the opportunity of seeing themselves and their work in a wider context.


Enrichment Activities

The development of students skills are further promoted through enrichment activities:

  • Visits to exhibitions by students and visiting artists
  • Visits to artists’ workshop
  • Art and Design students are responsible for many of the features that have come to represent the college i.e. the school badge, the redesigning of the school PE kit and the school tie.
  • P.6 taster/ P.7 induction lessons provided exciting workshops mentored and led by year 11 and 12 GCSE art pupils- Multi- media work embraced a wide range of techniques including painting, collage and stencilling.

Accompanied by Mrs Sherry, Year 11 participated in a collaborative project with the Little Flower Nursery School in the neighbouring parish. Very talented GCSE students produced vivid illustrations for the Nursery children.


In St Joseph’s College we follow CCEA GCSE Specification for Art and Design. This course lasts two years and over the two years, students complete two units of work consisting of:

  • Unit 1- The core portfolio 60%

  • Unit 2- an externally set assignment - Working to a stimulus 40%


The GCSE Programme is supported by regular attendance at exhibitions and creative workshops. These help promote the development of our student skills.

  • In January 2015 our year eleven and twelve students made their annual trip to the True Colours Exhibition in the Ulster Museum, Belfast. Here they viewed a range of top GCSE art works and participated in a workshop.

  • Year eleven and twelve attended the Joint Young Artists Exhibition with the Royal School Dungannon and St Patrick’s Academy in the Linen Green in 2013.

  • A trip to the Amma Centre for the delivery of a print making workshop.


Subject News

  • 2013: One student had their work recommended for 2013’s True Colours’ Exhibition which showcases the best examples of candidates’ work.

  • These past five years the GCSE results celebrated 100% A*- C success

  • Another past student exhibited her own personal work in the Ranfurly House Arts and Visitor Centre, Dungannon.



  • Our Year 10 students participated in a “Re-imaging Communities Art Project” where they worked closely with a visiting artist to create pieces of public art to enhance the local town centre.

  • Our present year 10 students will soon be participating in a collaborative working project with the local form D-signs and displays in sculpting and creating 3D foam products.

  • The department maintains close links with past pupils who have studied and brought Art and Design to their own careers. Many of our students have gone on to study Foundation Art and Design at Degree Level. Many have gone into the work environment as interior designers, beauticians, hair stylists as well as into the fashion and textile industry.

  • Some past pupils have returned to deliver workshops, relevant to their degrees i.e. Photoshop to our present GCSE students.