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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

Home Economics

Home Economics involves the study of Healthy Eating and Independent Living within the context of the Home and Family. Courses are designed to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and competencies which will help pupils to make informed choices which positively influence well being, develop practical food skills, make healthy food choices and manage resources so they can lead healthy and effective lives within the family and in society.

The Home Economics at Key Stage 3 fulfils the legal requirements as specified within the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

Key Stage 3 involves the study of the following Units of Work

Year 8: Introduction to Home Economics, Safety and Hygiene in Home Economics, Healthy Eating, Family Life

Year 9: You are What you Eat, Ethical Shopping, Consumer Awareness, A Toddler in the Family, An Elderly Person in the Family

Year 10: An Adolescent in the Family, The Hospitality Industry, A Pregnant Mother in the Family, Independent Living, Be Consumerwise

Key Stage 4 involves the study of the following courses

Child Development
Food & Nutrition

GCSE Child Development involves pupils in the study of the physical, intellectual social and emotional development of children from conception to 5 years. The course develops knowledge and understanding of pregnancy, the needs of young children, the roles and responsibilities of parents and the social and environmental influences that affect family life.

Extra Curricular

Visits from Livestock and Meat Commission
Open Night
Extended School Tuition
Staff Coffee Morning