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Dear Visitor,

I am delighted to have this opportunity as the new Principal, to welcome you to the St Joseph’s College, Coalisland website, which I hope you will find both interesting and informative, and give you a glimpse of College life. 

St Joseph’s College is a non selective, co-ed, all-ability inclusive Catholic college catering for students of all abilities and aptitudes from the greater Coalisland area and further afield. The educational experiences we offer stimulate and challenge all our students and provide them with opportunities to experience success and progress to further and higher education.

Our commitment to our students is that we will offer an attractive and dependable education to every child in a family no matter what their educational achievement up to now, support them in fulfilling their potential in academic terms and in relation to wider achievement.  St Joseph’s is above all else a caring school; we are very proud of our young people, and our dedicated staff constantly seek to look after not just their educational attainment but also their physical, moral and spiritual well-being.  We take immense pride in the richness and diversity of the extra-curricular programme and strive to ensure that our students have every opportunity to develop their talents and abilities to the full. We will also seek to equip them with the skills and insights to handle the challenges of life in the 21st century.

St Joseph’s is above all else a caring school, very proud of its young people, with a dedicated staff constantly seeking to expand and improve on the facilities and opportunities that already exist for our pupils.  The great strength of St Joseph’s lies in its strong, active relationship with our surrounding community and it greatly appreciates the support from all the families and townlands that entrust their young people and young adults to our care.

The Pastoral Care arrangements are a major strength of the College and our aim is to ensure that our young people learn in a safe, caring, warm and supportive environment. We strive to make College life interesting, challenging, and fun.

I believe that St Joseph’s is more than a College.  We will all endeavour to make the College a focal point for the communities and townlands around Coalisland and the Loughshore where countless past pupils of St Joseph’s remember their own school days with affection and pride, actively send their children and grandchildren to their College to be educated and have set up businesses and enterprises to sustain our community.

I encourage you to have a look at our webpages and enjoy the wide range of activities which are enjoyed in St Joseph’s, as well as the academic curriculum that is on offer.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, if you wish to discuss any aspect of life in St Joseph’s College, please do not hesitate to get in touch and I look forward to meeting you individually in the near future.



Desi McNeill

Important Notice

Health and Safety – Before and After School

The College is not a through route for traffic.


Front Gate:

Closed and attended from 8:30am.

Only staff and permitted deliveries allowed access from 8:30 – 9:00am.

Closed from 3:00pm until 3:45pm – no access, entrance or exit permitted.

Back Gate:

Partially closed and attended from 3:00pm until 3:40/45pm.

Only buses and LSC taxis allowed access


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